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In the early 90s, Der Bistrozucker München GmbH, pioneers of the stick-pack, envisioned the design of a single tea portion, to replace the outdated and limited design of the tea bag. Thus commenced the pursuit of the ultimate Tpod, which came to be known as the tea stick.

Yet, evolution never ceases!

As daring producers, and pioneers in the field, we claim to be the most innovative tea company of our time. As the winners of numerous design awards and sustainable packing methods, we substantiate this claim.

Our iconic status in the international realm of value-added tea, was achieved by being avant-garde leaders in a trade unaccustomed to changes, and over a quarter century of experience in developing and producing exciting concepts for brewing and serving teas, and other beverages. Our products don't just look great, but taste great.

The tea industry has been lagging behind coffee in every aspect of design and quality. Hence, our credo is to motivate and inspire other young companies to follow in our footsteps. On that note, we also have a limited edition private label program that is unmatched in flexibility of options and quality of customer service.



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