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Established in Munich, our family venture consistently forges ahead with a vision; to elevate tea and its charm to unprecedented heights. With this aspiration in mind, our mutual pursuit is to cultivate and source the best tasting, organic and sustainably grown teas.

Our quintessential status in the international realm of exquisite tea was achieved by being imaginative enthusiasts in a trade unaccustomed to change. We have been innovating for over a quarter century. This accumulated experience is core to the creation and development of our compelling ingredients and instruments for brewing and serving tea. It is said that "Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire." We succeeded the out-dated and limited design of the tea bag with our pioneering design, innovative functionality and user-friendliness, and these are fixtures that determine the contemporary appearance of all our goods.

Over centuries, tradition and custom have moulded the art of tea. We cherish the rich history in tea, brimming with rituals to adopt, but should not be bound by them. With this in mind, we encourage you to create your own custom for the most pleasant tea experience. Bistrotea has committed to adopting the centuries-old techniques of tea processing, while practicing sustainable cultivation. In essence, tradition is preserved from crop to cup to help ensure you experience a spell of heritage in every sip.