Organic Black Tea

Black tea is more oxidized than green tea. Black tea is generally stronger in flavour than the less oxidized teas. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis.

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Our Organic Black Tea


Our black teas come from the best estates in Ceylon. Each year they are presented in numerous tastings and the best are voted on. Most recently we hand-picked two estates in the Dimbula and Uva regions. These "High Grown" teas are characterised by a fine inimitable taste and bright colour. The estates hosting the current winning teas, along with the descriptions of their winning attributes can be found on our packages. The estate produces the finest highgrown teas in Ceylon, but maintains two other priorities besides exceptional tea; the people and the environment. LK-BIO-149

Our robust black teas come from the Nilmini estate, which is possibly the finest tea garden in the Ruhuna region for certified organic black tea, home to pure Ceylon Tea.

Nilmini tea estate lies in the little known subdivision of Neluwa, on the fringe of one of the world’s last remaining rain forest reserves, namely Sinharaja.

Its unique micro climate produces lush tea bushes with leaves that create a rare, sweet, caramelly, full bodied cup of tea, that goes well with a drop of milk. If drunk plain its best steeped for about 3 minutes unless you like your cup of Bistrotea really strong.

Nilmini estate is the founder of the Aluwana Hithakara Tea Producers Society which is a cooperative of smallholders (tea farmers) certified under Fairtrade. LK-BIO-149