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Brew Hot, Brew Cold


Nothing like a nice icy cold... you probably thought I was going to say beer, but at least I've got your attention. Now, imagine a super fancy tea to go as a delicious cold brew! 


Spurred by the success and popular demand at the Green Week Berlin, we shall be launching more to go iced teas at the IBA in Munich.  


Iced tea sticks contain a special blend of tea leaves for a quicker infusion. Just place a stick in a glass, (add a drop of hot water for immediate action) and fill it with crushed ice. Add sugar as preferred and stir it with the same stick. It's incredibly simple. 


Bistrotea is readying for warmer weather with the reveal of a refreshing iced tea lineup for spring and summer 2018, led by Goji EnergyTea and Matcha Passion. 


Try our new more to go ice teas!


IBA 2018 in Munich