Tea Stick

Sorprendente manera de servirse la porción perfecta de tés Premium.

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The new generation of teabags

Enjoy a real lifestyle with a real taste of tea.

Pure: A perforated foil tea stick intentionally designed to diffuse the full aroma of Bistrotea's exquisite flavor and fragrance into each cup; unlike traditional filter paper, which absorbs the tea's natural aromas. A perfect cup of tea at home or on the go!

Smart: Exact dosage, No wastage. No dripping. No wringing. No spoon washing.

Dressed: Protective envelope is tear resistant and moisture proof.

Safe: Food grade foil with the ability to be sterilized up to 121°C! (FDA).

The problem with ordinary filter paper tea bags is that they absorb the taste and brewing colloids, ... Paper tea bags on the other hand can often contain poisonous or noxious substances such as residues of glue or plant-protective agents.


Two easy steps to make your new favourite iced tea

1. Pour a little hot water onto the Tpod for the aroma to start unfolding
2. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Stir and enjoy!