White Tea

White Tea is the least oxidized tea. It is made from buds and young leaves of the Camellia Sinensis.

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The Sanquar tea plantation is nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains and cascading waterfalls up in the Kandy district. This picturesque property carries a historical value, as it is said to be the hideout of king Dutugemunu, before he was crowned king of Sri Lanka.

Sanquar is situated in the mid country wet zone and experiences both the monsoon as well as the inter monsoons. The average temperature stands at 25-30°C and records an annual rainfall of 2000 mm.

Sanquar is one of the oldest tea plantations in Sri Lanka and its history goes back to the 19th century. Most of the tea fields of Sanquar are old enough to produce some of the best green tea on the island. This estate used to be managed by M/s Rosehaugh Ceylon Tea Company Ltd. up to 16th October 1975.

Since August 1999 a part of this estate has been converted into organic cultivation and all chemicals and synthetic fertilizer applications have been suspended in the tea field and within two years the estate obtained the organic status from SKAL international.

Currently the estate has 60% organic cultivation and the rest is inorganic which uses minimum quantum of chemicals which is far below the recommended levels. By having strict measures Sanquar is able to produce some of the “cleanest tea” in the country.