Tradition & Lifestyle

Wir sind ein Münchner Familienunternehmen, das seit über 25 Jahren Wellness-, Lifestyle- und Gastronomiekonzepte entwickelt, herstellt und vertreibt. Dabei legen wir besonderen Wert auf „Form, Farbe und Design verbunden mit höchsten Qualitätsansprüchen an Material und Verarbeitung. Verpackung in Form von angewandter Kunst!

Gepaart mit unserem Pioniergeist und dem Streben nach der Antizipation der Zukunft soll gelingen, was Aufmerksamkeit schafft und worüber gesprochen wird. Nicht nur eine Alternative zum Teebeutel, sondern purer Genuss zum Erleben, Anschauen und Genießen. Der Betrachter selbst darf entscheiden inwieweit uns dies gelungen ist.


The Samurai Farmer: For Masahiro, tea is not just a beverage; it constitutes a way of life. Masahiro comes from Uji in Kyoto, where they treat each step from growing to the preparation and serving of tea with spiritual significance. He is a tea master of the 4th generation and his wealth of experience serves to bring out the best exploits in tea.

The Organic Professor: Professor Abey has passionately studied sustainable farming for decades and consistently pursues cultivation within a non-intrusive environment. He has been able to effectively eradicate the use of agro-chemicals and artificial fertilizers in all on site agricultural activities, and has been sharing the implementation of such techniques. Lecturing at the likes of Texas A&M and University of Peradeniya, the Professor is one of the leading experts in his field and initiated this approach over 20 years ago, aiming to produce organic teas and spices in harmonious symbiosis with other flora and fauna.

The Old School Hipster: Ronald is an old fashioned former barkeeper with a wealth of experience in mixology and traditional herbs and spices. He is in charge of our herbs and spice creations and has come up with many of our exciting blends. His international experience and ability to scout out relevant taste trends, from New York to Kyoto, helps revive the classics and bring in the hip.

The Italian Consigliere: Alessandro was raised in Calabria, Italy and being influenced by its exquisite natural surroundings; he developed a passion for all things beautiful. Ever focussed on the big picture, he carries out company activity while ensuring design aesthetics are nothing short of sublime.

The French Madame: Christine focuses on product etiquette and assortment. Based in Paris, she is ever close to the fashion world, thereby informing us of the latest "do's and don'ts" and never tires of pointing out the importance of maintaining class and elegance.

The German Engineer: Friedrich is a former Siemens engineer and is in charge of the R&D of our customised packaging machinery. He and his expertise enable us to bring you more than just mainstream.

The Tea Tasters: Tea tasting is an art and holds one of the most important roles in our undertaking. For every variety, we have our experts analyse each batch of tea and provide crucial feedback on blends that make the cut. Simon, Mendis and Joshua, (based in London, Colombo and Munich respectively) never tire of a seemingly similar cup of tea and help ensure the blends are nothing short of the finest.

The Next Generation: Falk and Stephen are in charge of marketing and client affairs. Having plenty of exposure to the present fast paced world, they appreciate and tirelessly incorporate the thoughts and wishes of our valued customers.


The winner of this most prestigious and coveted award!
FPA Gold Award Winner in Packaging Excellence USA 2008
EAFA AlufoilTrophy Winner Europe 09
Design & Marketing Performance UK Silver Award 2009


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