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Un concept malin qui est tellement simple.

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Tea connoisseurs, these days, are looking forward to a good tea with convenience and portability. Our double walled, premium to-go cups offer even the most sophisticated tea drinker, great satisfaction. The cups feels good, even filled with boiling water: it feels slightly warm on the outside. After the perfect infusion period, the cover strips the Tpod of the last drops as it is being pulled out, or the Tpod can be kept in place where the cover will hold it securely until both items are disposed of.


The practical T-Box Dispenser stacks 4 T-BOXES ready for duty above each other. In combinations the guest has 4-8- or 12 delicious varieties of tea to choose from. Thus making the concept of tea-to-go or catering within the hospitality business exceptionally easy.