My Summer Sweat Sessions - Running*

We love to go for a run!

It's the perfect training to get that body into shape, but more importantly it can be enjoyable and make you feel good. 

Welcome to our newest diary entry: Running 

Created by Falk


Materials Needed: running shoes and clothes

How To: 

It is important to have a health check before you start a lifestyle of regular running, but don't get overwhelmed by all the information out there. Any sport should include fun and enjoyment with well-being.

Think about where you want to go for a run and the distance you want to cover. 

Begin every run with 10 minutes of walking, then slow running, and do the same to warm down.

Set a comfortable pace that you can sustain for at least several minutes; you should be able to carry on a conversation while running. Increase your run time by small increments every few weeks.

TIP: Invest in the right gear for runs - pair of good running shoes with clothes that feel comfortable and appropriate. For more detailed information and all aspekts about running, check out the numerous websites like runnersworld etc.